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Sandhya’s journey in this world, and in the world of art, began in the foothills of the Himalayas, in the Dehradun valley, India. A pretty, small world of wilds and forests, flowers, rivers, rocks and mountains. It was perhaps the serene surroundings, besides something special within, that created an instant bond between her and the magnificence of colours and hues around her. The bond and the urge to recreate some of the magic of Nature, manifested with early experimentation through lines and colours on walls and floors. The urge only grew more intense with time, and so did her expressions and experimentation, albeit, with more formal media, methods and training.

Her formal grounding in art can be traced to two of the most famous schools in India, Shantiniketan and Baroda (now Vadodara). She walked her early formal paces in art under the guidance of Dr. Dwijen Sen, a disciple of the renowned artist of Shantinikatan, Nandlal Bose. Her formal exposure to art was rounded off for her under the tutelage of Ranbir Saxena, a well known landscape artist and a student of Bendre. These formal endeavours culminated in 1977, when she earned a Masters in Fine Arts. But, that culmination was only to formal learning. Informal learning never stopped.

In her journey of art, Sandhya has uncovered the fine art of art under guidance of not one, but many gurus. The magic of all time greats like Picasso, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Monet and Hussain has left lasting impact on her. And they continue to inspire and guide her. That is why, they are more than her inspiration, she regards them as her gurus.

The guidance and inspiration, resulted in the artist in Sandhya breaking away from the beaten track to chart her own course. Her experimentation evolved into a unique style in contemporary art- now recognised as Rhythmism. She has earned many a prominent fan-following and critical acclaim for her Rhythmism, and for her art.

Her art, apart from the style, is also distinguishable for the themes -subjects she brings to life on her canvas. Her subjects cover a wide grounds, from music and dance, landscapes and mindscapes, earth and cosmos, tangibles and intangibles.

Her renderings defy the conventional classification in art, such as landscape, portrait, figurative, or abstract. One finds traces of all of these in her works. Her creativity refuses to be bound down by conventions.

She hopes that you enjoy the works on display at this site, as much as she did creating them.

Sandhya looks forward to hearing from you.

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