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Events & Interactions

The occasion - platinum jubilee celebrations of reign of HH Queen  Elizabeth. Location - London. On spot painting of a portrait of HH. Jun 2022

Anil Kapoor, the ever young and dashing leading actor in Bollywood. It was a pleasure discussing some art of my own, with him.

It has been a great honour to get a word of appreciation and encouragement from the legendary contemporary artist, Satish Gujral.

Sandhya recreated the magic of famous performer Astad Debu's dance on one of her canvases. Seen here is Astad Debu, having a lively chat with Sandhya.

Great artist - SH Raza. Appreciation for Rhythmism - the style, and her persistence with it. And lots of encouragement for Sandhya.

Professional interactive session with local artists in London. Everyone created a art piece of their own, on the spot.

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